Zachary “Ziggy” Mrosewske

Zachary 02Zachary “Ziggy” Mrosewske was always so full of life, always eager to learn new things! Zach was someone you could come to for advice and know that you would, without a doubt, get an honest response, but always in a loving way. People respected his opinion because he was wise beyond his years, even as a young boy. Zach was extremely smart. He loved to read! He even taught himself how to master video games as a small child, he could draw amazing pictures, he taught himself to play the guitar and he was also learning Japanese..why? Oh just because he wanted to one day. That’s the kind of guy he was! Once Zach would set his mind on something, he would put his all into mastering it. Zachary was always incredibly loving and caring his entire life, as a toddler on up to adulthood. In fact, Zach decided to become an organ donor when he first received his license as a teenager, all on his own, without the knowledge or guidance of his family. I think that shows just what kind of a person he was, always thinking of others. Zachary will be forever missed by his family and friends more than we could ever express, but knowing that a part of him is still alive and saving others is not only a great gift for the donors but for his family as well.

Please consider finding out more about organ and tissue donation and transplantation and joining the Michigan donor registry.

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