Rebecca Vogelsang

Rebecca Vogelsang was 17 years old and a senior atPHOTO 03 Forest Hills Eastern High School.  She was a member of the National Honor Society and was accepted at the University of Michigan, where she was going to study medical research.  She was a ballet dancer starting at the age of 3, and danced in New York and several countries in Europe.  She danced jazz and tap competitively, winning numerous trophies.  She also sang and performed in many musicals at school.   To say she was full of life is an understatement.   Rebecca had many friends and was passionate about helping others.   She volunteered at God’s Kitchen and organized the high school blood drive.

The morning of Saturday March 1, 2008 was a bright sunny cold day.   Rebecca was on her way to the high school to rehearse for her role as the lead in the school musical.   She never made it to school.  Rebecca was in an auto accident on the way there.   She remained in a coma for 5 days with extensive swelling of the brain.  Rebecca died on Thursday March 6th.    Rebecca expressed the importance of organ donation when she received her driver’s license at 16 and first heard about organ donation.   So her family made the decision to donate her organs, knowing that is what Rebecca would have wanted.   Her organs went to 7 recipients.   Her spirit lives on in the hearts of her parents and two sisters, and in the recipients of her wonderful gift of life.

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